You have found your way to the Hot Chocolate Corps new recruit application form. Hot Chocolate Corps is a Final Fantasy XIV free company on the Phoenix server.

Our focus is on being an extremely fun, friendly and silly place to be, with a side portion of slightly strange. Our members range from mostly casual to a few raiders, but overall the FC is not at all progression orientated, more chocolate orientated really.
In terms of filling out the application, the longer and more convoluted your answers, the better most likely. Very short or one word answers will be greeted with mockery and disdain... and quite probably a conciliatory hug. We operate a democratic system here at HCC, so all members of the FC will get to see your application and comment on it. Once everyone has had a reasonable chance to have a looksee we will contact you in game.
1. What is your full FFXIV in-game name? *

2. Preferred nickname, handle, moniker... that sort of thing. *

3. So {{answer_55430449}}, If you could be a Panda, but you weren't allowed to be a black and white Panda, what colour Panda would you be and why? Panda. *

4. Please describe yourself in four words. *

5. We are looking for blossom scented lovelies, squishy champions of justice, and fab fashionistas. Which of these are you? Please explain your answer. *

Oh {{answer_55430449}} you're doing so well! Here's an interesting fact to keep your spirits up:
Did you know that Lala tears taste like honey mustard dipping sauce? Fact.

6. Please complete the following sentence:
Final Fantasy XIV will be perfect when the developers............. *

7. What's your idea of fun in FFXIV? *

8. And finally, can you please tell us why you have decided to apply to our free company and why you think we'd have a lovely time together? *

Well done {{answer_55430449}}, you've done it! All you have to do now is click submit on the next page and your application will come flying through to us on the back of a tiny, neon-blue, robotic sparrow... or however the internet works.

We'll take some time to look at it and then get back to you in-game. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to speak to one of our officers: Knox Ville, Leek Whibble, Lyra Sylvaris, Kalista Coldbane, Lolzy Fayth or Noon Zoon.

Thanks for completing this typeform
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